How Beautiful Amazing Look of Old Plastic Bottles after Reusing!

We always buy the water or beverage for drinking, after drank we just keep it in the garbage can or throw it away. From now on, you can try to recycle it to make beautiful look with your creative designation. Sarah Turner​| Yaroslav Olenev Garth| Britzman and others, they reuse and made it become beautiful things ever. Here are below is the results of it.

1.Chandelier by  Sarah Turner



2.Beautiful Mosaic From Caps byC
Beautiful Mosaic From Caps.1

Beautiful Mosaic From Caps.2

Beautiful Mosaic From Caps.3

3.Parking Canopy by  Garth Britzman
Parking Canopy.1

Parking Canopy.2

Parking Canopy.3

4.Cute Planters by  Seamy’s Deco And House
Cute Planters

5. Jewelry Stand by  EBLOT
Jewelry Stand

6.Spoon Lamp by Yaroslav Olenev
Spoon Lamp

7.Boat by Tom Davies | FijiMe Tour


8.Purse by  Zitta Schnitt


9.Decoration from Bottle Caps by Ilya Naymushinvia
Bottle Cap Decoration.1

10. Curtain by  Michelle Brand

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