Amazing Beautiful of Aurora Borealis Light Around The World

Aurora or Northern Lights (also called Aurora Borealis) is the most beautiful natural light display in the sky. It occurred from the collision of solar wind and magnetospheric charged particles with the high altitude atmosphere. We can see Aurora at Antarctica, South America, Australia and New Zealand, but at the northern half of Norway and Sweden, as well as all of Iceland are famous places for viewing the Aurora Borealis. If you go to all these countries, don’t miss to see incredible beautiful this views.

1.Aurora light at Sandnes, Lofoten islands, Norway

Aurora light at Sandnes, Lofoten islands, Norway.1source:

2.Northern Lights Camping at hotel Kakslauttanen, Finland

Northern Lights Camping at hotel Kakslauttanen, Finlandsource:

3.Lofoten Islands, Norway

Lofoten Islands, Norwaysource:

4.Tromso in northern Norway

Tromso in northern Norwaysource:

5. Kiruna, Sweden

Kiruna, Swedensource:

6.abisko national park, Sweden

abisko national park, Swedensource:

7.Lapland, Finland

Lapland, Finlandsource:

8.Hammerfest, Norway

Hammerfest, Norwaysource:

9.Winter, Norway

Winter, Norwaysource:



11.Lofoten flakstad, Norway

Lofoten flakstad, Norwaysource:



13. Norway




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